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Girl, what have you been up to?

Awake My soul Wake up

Girl, what have you been up to?  I get this question a lot with the sneak peeks I'm able to post of this current project.  To which I must reply.... ALL. THE. THINGS. 

We are far enough along in the project now that I can share more information on what's about to roll out MAY 2019

The Awake My Soul devotional program series is a resource created by Life Coach CorrieLeeAnn (myself) and Friends for today's busy woman trying to keep her head above water in the "real world".

Our first program in the devotional series is scheduled to be released  MAY 2019

Here's a little more about it.

Subtitled: Wake Up Girl, and win the day, this program is a 5 step morning routine  to help renew your Mind Body and Spirit each day the way God intended... "In Balance" Have you ever felt like you were just sitting on the sidelines of your own life?  That's the worst feeling in the world and it's the state of mind that can lead to depression and anxiety faster than you can say anti-depressant. Once our Mind, Body and Spirit are in balance, we begin to think more clearly, and begin to take control of our life.  This is vital for today's Christian woman in a culture where there are so many variables. Without that balance, we become derailed, lose our identity in Christ and ultimately leave our "purpose"  behind. Ladies, it stops here... life is too's time to Rise up.  Wake up, Girl, let's win the day together.  If we win the day often enough, we will win the life as we carry out the "Calling" God has given for our individual journeys.

This program will contain the following product options.

  • CD: Audio Version of the Program with 5 New Gospel Tunes
  • Book: The Program and 30 Day Devotional Companion
  • Book: The Graphic Organizer Book
  • Downloadable Audio Files and PDF books
  • Small Group/Sunday School Material (July 2019 Release)

Featured Gospel Artists:

Corrie Barnett, Lindsey Whisner Ford,  John Hubbard,  Erik Foster, and of course, the Barnett Trio. 

Featured Devotional writers:

Lindsey Whisner Ford, Shanna Lanning, Corrie Barnett, Whitney Caudill, Vickie Barnett and Corey Johnson


Wanna Sneak Peek of the sample book cover? When your mom has amazing photography skills and knows how to hide your double chin. Thanks, Mom.  ;)

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  • Tiffany Turner on

    This is SO exciting! It couldn’t come from a more wonderful, gifted, and amazing lady!! The Lord has/is definitely used/using you to be a blessing and help to us all!! Love ya girl!!

  • Blakeleigh on

    This is awesome! Way to go, Corrie!

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