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Will We Ever Be "Enough"?

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Ok, so how many of you have a list of weekly tasks that looks something like mine?  
For work: 21 students to teach with varied academic levels to prepare for, papers to grade, parents to call, data to share, teacher leadership meetings to plan, school function photography etc... 
For Ministry: Recording sessions with the trio, listening to final mixes for Awake album, final book edits, create marketing plan.
For Fun: design t shirts for my amazon prime store, maybe dinner with a friend, blogging. 
Hanging over my head:  Taxes, home repairs, Oh Lord where's my debit card, Daisy May has lost feeling in her back leg, am I caring for her properly? things I'm not able to do for my family, students, friends who are hurting.
Those are just the things off the top of my head, but some of you have lists that are a lot longer and even more involved. 
The tasks are never ending. Work calls for more work. The people we do it for don't always appreciate it in the way that we expect them to so.. the inevitable question comes into play... "Will I ever be enough?"... or maybe you've taken it a step further like I have and just flat out tell yourself "I'm Not Enough!"
Well gather around dear weary ones. Do I have good news for us. WE... ARE RIGHT!!!! LOL  Once I told myself that this morning, I literally laughed out loud and  it was like a load of bricks fell from my shoulders to the ground.
When are we going to stop and realize that we will NEVER please everyone. When am I going to realize that I will never be all that my students need to make up for their academic gaps. I will never handle things in a way that pleases all people, and no matter how well I prepare I cannot predict perfect outcomes to meet deadlines. It is totally unrealistic and not even within my power. But you know what's been very real up until today.... the stupid, needless guilt I put on myself.  UGHHH right ???
But guess what... It's OK and I'll tell you why.   It's ok. Not because it's ok to create negative self talk or believe in some twisted way we are failures, not because our value and worth are at stake, but it's ok, because these are goals and expectations nine times out of ten, We put on our own shoulders. OUCH!  
While it's healthy to have goals and dreams, we must stay flexible, we must stay realistic, we must live in the real world with all of it's crazy variables. 
All I can say is that God... He really needs me to learn this because it continues to come up in my own life.  I'm sure He's sayn' "Girl, you gonna learn today or what?" LOL! 
Today, He reminded me of this song I heard the Dixon Family sing at a youth camp a few years back. (just go buy their whole album -link below- . The passion from which they sing from will literally grip your soul)  I listened to it today and it brought tears of encouragement to my eyes. 

If you catch yourself asking the question... "Will I ever be enough?"... just remember... probably not... but the beautiful thing is.... we don't have to be, because God is Big enough for the things that are out of our hands.
(Side note:  Like if we could do everything, why would we need Him, right?)
II Cor. 12:9 “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 
Written by Christian Life Coach,
If this helped you today, you better tell somebody. 
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I've got a heart that's full of faith filled helplessness
There are mountains ahead that I can't move by myself
But I know when I'm weak, he's strong
When I can barely breathe there's still a song
Even though it's hard right now, I'm not here on my own
So when it seems it can't be done, I know God is big enough
I can run the race I'm called to run, cause I know God is big enough
He'll finish everything he starts
He'll meet us right here were we are
I can feel faith rising up, I know God is big enough... oh yeah he's big enough
On the days that the shadows of doubt make me feel small, I declare that I don't stand in my strength at all, oh no,
Cause I won't live a day you didn't plan,
Every single moment is on your hands
Even if the whole world shakes, your the rock on which I stand
So when it seems it can't be done, I know God is big enough
I can run the race I'm called to run, cause I know God is big enough

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