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About Us

Who is "CorrieLeeAnn" and what is Awake My Soul????


Hey I'm Corrie! I'm the daughter of an evangelist minister who spent the first 20 years of my life traveling on a bus with my family singing around the country.  (ohhh the stories we have)

10 years ago I graduated with my teaching license from Oakland City University (GO MIGHTY OAKS)  and began teaching in the Indiana Public School System.  I've also had the privilege of singing with My brother and his wife in a trio "The Barnett Trio"  during this time. 

As if life wasn't exciting enough, as a way to pay off those student loans and prevent financially drowning as a single adult,  I began an online boutique in 2015.  Through that experience I gained a lot of knowledge as an entrepreneur and small business owner.  The only problem was, I didn't feel called to it.  I was teaching full time and working the boutique full time and 3 years later I thought... is this where I need to be right now?   I was by all standards very successful and enjoyed every high and low but I knew that this wasn't my "calling" it was just a means to gain knowledge to help others. 

In 2018 I decided to get my Life Coach certification from Light University, scale down the boutique and begin combining my passions for teaching and music to create a unique resource to encourage women ( and men, we aren't prejudice here) and invite my amazing friends to join in on the fun.

Awake my Soul is  a ministry launching to create Personal Devotionals and Teaching materials for Small Groups, Sunday School Class rooms and more by using Science/Scripture/and Music in culturally relevant ways.  I cannot even tell you how Stinkin' Excited I am.  

Our First Program is set to be released in late spring of 2019.  It's entitled AWAKE: A 5 Step morning routine that will help engage our Mind, Body and Spirit the way God Intended.... In Balance.  I believe once we learn some Scriptural Strategies to find balance in our lives, we will then be ready to receive and do anything our Creator has meant for us.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch out for the release dates