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10 week Mineralized Alkaline Water Protocol-Look Book-CorrieLeeAnn'sBoutique

10 week Mineralized Alkaline Water Protocol

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Hydrate, Mineralize, & Revitalize

Gurus like Tony Robbins, have jumped on the trend of AlaWhy X2O? Alkalizing, Anti-Aging, Antioxidant, Electrolytes, Absorption, and Disease Prevention are all phrases that can be attributed to an X2O sachet added to your water. Essential minerals from the X2O sachet are released as ions into your water, allowing them to be absorbed quickly and easily at the cellular level. X2O transforms plain water into a powerful alkaline beverage which can help fight against acidic & unhealthy conditions in the body caused by today's fast-paced lifestyles and is the perfect addition to any supplement program. From adults to children and from athletes to the elderly, everyone can benefit from this simple, yet powerful product. Discover how great it feels to hydrate, mineralize and revitalize daily with X2O.


4 - X2O Single (30 Servings / Sachets Each)
2 - FocusUP Samples (3-capsule packs x 15)
2 - FocusUP (12 stick pack)
2 - Xooma Water Bottle
5 - Xooma FocusUP Brochure
5 - Xooma X2O Brochure
1 - Literature Pack

Directions: Drop an X20 sachet (tea bag) in 18-24 ounces (530-750 mL) of purified or bottled water. Shake for 10-15 seconds. Allow 5 minutes for X20 to transform your water before drinking.


Supports Focus, Concentration, Mood, Memory & Mental Energy

There's a global energy crisis and it's not the one you've been seeing in the media...it's inside your body. Your body craves physical energy and mental clarity without the negative side effects of today's popular energy drinks.

That's why Xooma created FocusUP!


Because we want to make sure our customers understand the process of the 10 week protocol, we request that you

1. Watch the 6 short videos on www.xoomalife.com and

2. Send us an email (corrieleeanns@gmail.com) or Direct message on Facebook to schedule your Ordering Consultation.  We have a $50 gift card to give you towards your purchase. 

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