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Mina EyeLash Style-The Eye Lashes-CorrieLeeAnn'sBoutique

Mina EyeLash Style

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Mina is our secret weapon. These premium silk and luxe fiber false eyelashes can be dressed up or down, but don’t let them fool you, they are anything but basic. These lashes are multilayered to help you create an easygoing, serene look while adding extra sparkle to your gaze. Mina lashes are the perfect finishing touch to a laid-back makeup routine.
Volume Level (1-5): 2 
Lash Material: premium silk 
Inner Lash: 7 mm 
Center Lash: 12 mm 
Outer Lash: 7 mm 
Band Material: extra flexible cotton 
Band Color: black 
Band Length: 37 mm 
Wear Period: multi-use 

Lash Adhesive not included. 
To Apply: Begin with full makeup in place. Lashes come last! Remove lashes from tray and fit to natural lash line. Trim excess band from outer corner. Apply lash glue along entire band and wait 20 seconds for glue to become tacky. Apply lash band to natural lash line using fingers or applicator using light pressure.


To Remove: Use cotton swab dipped in makeup remover to dissolve glue along lash band. Gently pull off lashes by band. Store lashes in original case after use.

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